76 Skyring Terrace

Newstead QLD 4006

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This Office is staffed by the following:

Stephen Jolly

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Title:  CEOate events and seminars.

Stephen ensures that the delivery of all Complete Staff Solutions’ services are of the highest standard at all times.

Beverley Parrott

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Title:  Work Health & Safety and Welfare Manager

Beverley Parrott has been a WH&S and Welfare Manager for the past 1nts in new legislation, instructing contractors and temporary staff of Complete Staff Solutions in WH&S procedures and policies and management of Workers Compensation along with Return to Work facilitation.
Beverley’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (History), a Diploma of Education, a Certificate of Applied WH&S Management along with a host of WH&S related certificates such as manual handling, risk management and return to work co-ordination.
Bev is proud to be associated with the Central Coast and Newcastle Safety Groups and the Com5 years and is responsible for the coordination of all Work Health and Safety for Complete Staff Solutions, including the updating of policy and procedures, education of consultabined Hunter WH&S Network Group.
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